Oceanmimesis is my project in which I want to tell (visual) stories about the ocean, my adventures underwater, and the culinary experiences during surface intervals.

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of visual storytelling and have always enjoyed looking at the world through a lens, especially the world of seas and marine animals. Now it’s my ambition to go from being a story recipient to a storyteller.

Here’s the thing: I am not a professional photographer or filmmaker, nor am I a biologist or conservationist, I simply want to show the things I am passionate about to others in an individual, visual, and personal way. Unfortunately, I haven’t even come close to the point where I have the resources to just go out and tell stories to the extent that I want to. So, at the moment Oceanmimesis is mostly about getting there.

I named it after the ancient Greek word mimesis, which can be understood as active aesthetic adaption of the world and reality, as free imitation of the natural. It’s not about adding anything essentially new to the world, the creativity originates alone from the imitation of what already exists. Man, I can tell you, I felt pretty damn smart when I came up with that name. What I’m trying to say is: Everything is already out there, I just have to go and tell about it.